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Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr. and
Rebecca Margaret Poole Porter
Family Website
  Aaron Benjamin Cherry, Mary Margaret Yelton                                     William Bleasdale     Margaret Moss     
Aaron Benjamin Porter, Sr. Rebecca Margaret Poole
Nathan T. Porter   Rebecca Ann Cherry   Nathan Tanner Porter    John Rawlston Poole  Jennette Bleasdale Poole
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   Sanford Porter and Nancy Warriner
  My   Nathan Tanner Porter and Rebecca Ann Cherry
        Line   Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole
            Of       Aaron Benjamin Porter Jr. and Eva Allanna Nichols
                 Descent    Sarel Orien Porter and Louisa Pickett
                                             Roger Sarel Porter and M. Earlene Brown       
Roger and Earlene Porter.
  Rebecca Margaret Poole
Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr.
L-R: Don Porter, Eva Allanna Nichols Porter, Farr Porter, Jeanette Rebecca (Nettie) Porter Hales,
Thora Porter (Rawson), Rebecca Margaret Poole Porter, Aaron Benjamin Porter Jr., Rea Porter (Burgon)
Historical Summary:
Sanford Porter and his son Nathan Tanner Porter were Mormon pioneers in 1847.  They settled in Mill Creek, by Sugar House, in Salt Lake City, then in Centerville, Utah, where Nathan's original two homes and barns still stand behind the Target Store at 400 S and 400 W.  Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr.  was born on this site, married Rebecca Margaret Poole, served as Bishop and moved to Burton, east of Rexburg, ID, where he died four years later, in 1904.  Rebecca raised the family alone from then on, and left us with a legacy of persistence and determination which we can all learn to appreciate as we study their history.  Our roots are sturdy and secure in these wonderful people. Study the histories above and photos throughout this site and become more familiar with your wonderful ancestors!  Roger Porter
Daughters of John Rawlston and Jennette Poole: L-R: Adeline Malinda Yearsley, Rebecca Margaret Porter, Jeanette Alice Caldwell, Susanna Rosetta Lawson, Christena Jane Green
Alvin W. Nichols Site:.
Maria Louisa Pickett Site:
Bulo Lee Briggs Site:
Nathan T. Porter Site:
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Rebecca M. Poole Porter and her daughters
Jeanette B. Poole
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Nathan Tanner Porter, a History.htm
Sanford Porter, a History.htm
Nathan T. Porter Autobiography.htm
Rebecca Ann Cherry Porter, a History.htm
Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr., a History.htm
Jennette Bleasdale Poole, a History.htm
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Sanford Porter, a History.doc
Edna Margaret Porter and John Hegsted Family Page:
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Nathan Tanner Porter, a History.doc
Nathan T. Porter Autobiography.doc
Rebecca Ann Cherry Porter, a History.doc
Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr., a History.doc
John Rawlston Poole, a History.doc
Jennette Bleasdale Poole, a History.doc
Aaron Benjamin Sr. and Rebecca Poole Porter Family Homes Page:
Family Photo Tree
Sarel O. Porter, a History.doc
Sarel O. Porter, a History.htm
Eva Thora Porter Rawson Autobiography.doc
Eva Thora Porter Rawson Autobiography.htm
John Rawlston Poole and Jennette Bleasdale Family Page:
Interview History, John Rawlston Poole by Descendants.htm
Interview History John Rawlston Poole by Descendants.doc
Note on Spelling of
Jennette Bleasdale:
From Les Fowers,
Poole Family Org. Pres.:
"pre 1850 Iowa marriage record, “Ancestors of John Rawlston Poole by Elaine B. Poole, Poole Tombstone in Cedar Butte cemetery, Menan, and from the Bleasdale family is that Jennette Bleasdale is the correct spelling. You will see many variations on genealogy files, however."
WELCOME!   We hope you will find family, histories and roots here which will excite you about your forebearers and their legacy.  I am Roger Sarel Porter, great grandson of ABPorter Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole. You can reach me by clicking on the "E-mail Me" button below. Please help with suggestions, new information or photos which will enhance this site for all our relatives.  Your obscure photo may be the only one of its kind, such as some we have included here, so we hope you'll share!  Many thanks in advance for your caring and sharing!  Roger 
Aaron B. Jr. and Allanna Nichols Porter Children Page
Thora Porter and Lee Rawson Page
Osmer and Helen Vaughn Porter Page
Sarel and Louisa Pickett Porter Page