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Birthplace of Aaron Benjamin Porter
Aaron Benjamin Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole Porter Family Website:

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  Rebecca Margaret Poole
Aaron Benjamin Porter Sr.
Sketch of original
Nathan T.  and Rebecca Cherry Porter Home, Centerville, UT with pictures of the reduced version as it looks today, below.
Original Aaron B. Porter Sr. and Rebecca home, 281 S. Main St., Centerville. Now a dental clinic.
Original A.B. Porter Sr. and Rebecca Poole home, Burton ID.,  gone now, corner of 3000 west (the old highway) and 1000 South (Another Photo below).
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Burton School, Church
Nichols Store
Aaron B. and Rebecca Poole Porter Farm
Aaron B. Jr. and Allanna Nichols Porter Farm
City of Rexburg ID
Burton Cemetery
Nichols Fam. Farm Site
Significant Porter Sites, Burton ID
To Rigby, Idaho Falls
Thornton Store
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"Aunt Becky's" home today, corner of 400 west, 400 south, Centerville, UT; (bottom half of portion bracketed above.)
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Aaron Sr. and Rebecca Poole Porter home Burton ID: L-R: Nathan Tanner Porter, Rebecca, Aaron Osmer (Jerry) Porter
Porter Home in Burton, ID: Rebecca Poole Porter with son Nathan Tanner Porter (L) and Grandson, Aaron Osmer Porter (R).
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